Resilience Brilliance

Episode 5 - Resilience through faith

Episode Summary

This episode has all the positivity feels! Yvonne Hope, CEO of Barnabus, shares how her faith led her to work with the homelessness charity 8 years ago and how her work serving the community gives her purpose. Growing up, Yvonne didn’t feel as if she belonged anywhere. Along the way she’s learned that if you surround yourself with positive like-minded people – like her colleagues at Barnabus – you can create your own community and place in the world. Yvonne’s positivity and humour is truly infectious and we guarantee you’ll finish this episode with a smile on your face and a pocket full of resilience tips.

Episode Notes

Barnabus is a frontline Christian Homeless Charity in Manchester serving the City’s Homeless for almost 30 years through its Drop-in, Health and Wellbeing Suite, Support Team, Resettlement Tenancies, Outreach and Projects.

Barnabus’ vision is to end the revolving door of homelessness and to see people settled into long term accommodation and realise their hopes for the future.