Resilience Brilliance

Episode 3 - Communities and resilience

Episode Summary

Paula and Alex meet two outstanding leaders who are passionate about tackling inequalities and breaking down barriers in the local community. Ian Parkes, CEO at East London Business Alliance, and Safia Jama, Founder and CEO at Women's Inclusive Team, share their experiences of leading charities through what has been a challenging year for everyone. Ian and Safia share stories and lessons they’ve learned along the way and how community spirit gives them hope for the future.

Episode Notes

East London Business Alliance builds the connection between businesses and local communities, bringing the time, skills and resources of the private sector, to help build the capacity of local organisations, support young people in education and place people into employment in London. 

Website | Twitter: @OurELBA | Instagram: @ourelba | LinkedIn: East London Business Alliance  

Women's Inclusive Team (WIT) is a charity that supports disadvantaged women from Tower Hamlets and adjacent boroughs, to help them become independent and socially included.